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  • cutting sofa cover at exhibition room
    now,we build many exhibition for 1630 sofa cutting machine in China. This video be taken in ZhounCun. There are 2000 sofa factory, and has 300 of them adopt to use our machine.it showing cutting the fabric cover access.
  • sofa laser cutter cutting 3 materials
    Because adopt to use best RECI 150W laser tube, our this machine can cut almost all surface cloth,wollens,no-woven fabric.
  • sofa fabric laser cutting machine
    MC1630 auto feeding laser cutting machine is one new styles of laser cutter specialize for sofa field.it equip with best mix servo motor and high slide inner guild, could reach in high efficiency. Use big 150W laser tube,can cut almost all the fabric, leather,non woven fabric.etc.Intelligent automatic composing system could adopt best cutting path, save materials and reduce working time.Professional control system and our patent-auto rectifying deviation system can only need one worker to operate.High working efficiency can let machine cut 25-30 sets of sofa cover, nearly the same as 5 best labor cutter, and every day(8 hours) only cost about $10. So, now, this machine has lead one tendency-instead of the labor cutter by it.
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