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  • Cutting 18mm die board
    150W laser tuber can help machine cut max18mm die board,plywood and 12mm MDF.
  • cutting wood craft
    laser cutter can realize in cutting wood without model, have the best working efficiency and cutting effect.
  • cutting wood sheet
    Laser cutting machine, can cut plywood, die board,MDF and other hard wood sheet, be widely used for packing,decoration,furniture,advertisement.etc.
  • cutting paper sheet
    Laser cutting machine can cut thin paper for some craft,the edge is very fluent and clean.
  • cutting 20mm acrylic
    Adopt to use 100W laser tube, can easily cutting max 20mm acrylic, be widely used in advertisement,craft,model and other industries.
  • Cutting leather for shoes
    laser cutting machine be widely used for packing industry,specialize in cutting various of paper sheet,Paper - plastic plates,KT-sheet.etc
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