How useful is the fiberglass cloth automatic cutting machine

The fiberglass cloth automatic cutting machine does not need to make a drawing board. What kind of style you want to cut, you just need to import the data into the system. This process saves a lot of time, does not require manpower, and saves a lot of boards. type of cost.

The built-in super nesting system ensures that there is no waste of materials. According to big data statistics, it can save more than 10% of materials compared with manual labor. The cutting efficiency is high, which can be increased by 3 to 5 times compared with manual labor. It has high precision and high efficiency, and can last for 24 hours. work to maximize production.

The operation is simple and the number of required workers is small, which solves the problems of difficult recruitment and high labor costs.

To sum up, the glass fiber automatic cutting machine can comprehensively solve our cutting problems. When the production cost of the product is reduced, the quality of the product is improved, and the competitiveness of the corresponding product is also improved, then there will be more advantages and friends. Competitive market.

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