1390 Mixed Laser cutting machcine

Product Description

Mixed cutting laser machine is also called metal and non-metal laser cutting machine. It adopts gantry ball screw double-drive structure, high inertia and large moment output, and the maximum acceleration can reach 0.6G; reinforced welded bed, imported large gantry precision milling processing, Fire treatment and vibration aging to eliminate stress, the machine tool deformation is small; the beam is manufactured by drawing and finishing technology, light weight, high rigidity, and good dynamics; professional laser cutting software, with graphic nesting and sharp corner smoothing Processing kinetic energy, can realize high-speed punching and marking functions; integrated structure design, the overall layout is compact, reasonable, and small footprint.


Metal and non-metal laser mixed cutting machine is suitable for the processing of metal/non-metal plates such as acrylic, density board, carbon steel, stainless steel, etc.


Features of metal and non-metal laser mixed cutting machine:
1. The frame of the metal and non-metal laser mixed cutting machine adopts the frame welded by steel parts, which has high rigidity and stability, and effectively eliminates the vibration generated in the high-speed cutting process;
2. The gantry double-drive structure and the rack and pinion transmission system imported from Germany can improve the production efficiency of customers;
3. The beam is made of cast aluminum alloy and precision machining technology;
4. Fully closed-loop laser cutting control system, with high-speed perforation and automatic edge finding functions, easy to operate.

Machine video

Machine Configuration



Working size


Laser tube

YONGLI 300W Laser tube

Laser type

Sealed CO2 laser tube

Driving system

LeadShine step motor


High precision FULO belt system

Work platform

Blade platform

Controlling software

Off-computer controlling system

Compatible software

Coreldraw AutoCAD Photoshop

Cooling mode

Water cooling

Auxiliary equipment

Exhaust-fan, air pump,

Minimum shaping character

English 1*1mm

Cutting speed

0-400mm/s due to different material

Engraving speed


Position accuracy


Operating temperature

0-45 degree

Working voltage

AC110-220V ±10%/10A,50-60HZ




Excellent Mechanical Structure and Components


Widely industry suing,is suitable for cutting variousfabric,leather,can be used inclothes,sofa,plush toy, decoration. etc

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Our company specializes in producing Fiber Laser Cutting Machines for 8 years. We have many agents all over the world. We can offer a better machine and better service. Every year we can attend Shanghai, Guangzhou, etc. fairs, included foreign fairs.

Our Service

(1) Two-year quality assurance. If there is any problem during the warranty period, the machine with the main parts (excluding wearing parts) shall be replaced free of charge.

(2) Free maintenance for life.

(3) Free training courses in our factory.

(4) Online service for 18 hours a day, and provide free technical support.

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