plasma cutting machine

Product Description

Industrial fabric laser cutting machine is also called as industrial laser fabric cutting machine, industrial fabric laser cutter, industrial laser fabric cutter, industrial garment laser cutting machine, industrial laser garment cutting machine, industrial garment laser cutter, industrial laser garment cutter, industrial textile laser cutting machine, industrial laser textile cutting machine, industrial textile laser cutter, industrial laser textile cutter.

It is a CNC laser cutting system with CO2 laser source, which is mainly used for fabric cutting with high speed and high quality.


Industrial Fabric Laser Cutting Machine Advantages

  1. Industrial fabric laser cutter adopts auto feeding system, apply netted platform with special design, very convenient for free movement of processing pieces.
  2. Big table size to meet large format fabric cutting.
  3. Channel feeding, the feeding can be unlimited.
  4. The original binding beeline lead rail, the fabric laser cutter is running well and stable.
  5. Brush roll can clean the worktable timely, without catching fire phenomenon.
  6. Edge smoke outlet can protect the nets-worktable, extend the usage life of the fabric laser cutting machine .

Machine video

Machine Configuration

Working area



Stairtfire Controller

Torch Height Control(THC) mode

Automatic High sensitive THC

Motor driver

Step motor

Plasma Source

LGK/ Hypertherm 63A/85A/100A/120A/160A/200A

X,Y axis transmission

Helical rack + square guild

Z axis transmission

Square guild+TBI ball screw


Tooth blade worktable

Cutting thickness


Move precision






Working voltage

380V 50HZ




Excellent Mechanical Structure and Components


Widely industry suing,is suitable for cutting variousfabric,leather,can be used inclothes,sofa,plush toy, decoration. etc

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Our Factory

Our company specializes in producing Fiber Laser Cutting Machines for 8 years. We have many agents all over the world. We can offer a better machine and better service. Every year we can attend Shanghai, Guangzhou, etc. fairs, included foreign fairs.

Our Service

(1) Two-year quality assurance. If there is any problem during the warranty period, the machine with the main parts (excluding wearing parts) shall be replaced free of charge.

(2) Free maintenance for life.

(3) Free training courses in our factory.

(4) Online service for 18 hours a day, and provide free technical support.


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