How does the cutting speed of the laser cutting machine affect the cutting effect?

Cutting too fast

  1. The short time the laser beam and the material are in contact with each other can result in failure to cut and sparks.
  2. Some areas can be cut off, but some areas cannot be cut off.
  3. Causes delamination of the entire cut section.
  4. As a result, the plate cannot be cut in time, the cutting section presents an oblique stripe, and the lower half is molten.

Cutting speed is too slow

  1. The interaction time between the material and the laser increases, resulting in the over-melting of the cut sheet, and the cutting section is rough.
  2. The kerf will be widened accordingly, resulting in over-burning in the smaller rounded or sharp corners, and the ideal cutting effect cannot be obtained.
  3. The cutting efficiency is low, which affects the production capacity.

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