Plasma Metal Cutting Projects

The plasma cutting machine uses different working gases to cut various metals, especially for non-ferrous metals (aluminum, copper, titanium, nickel), the cutting effect is better; its main advantage is that the plasma cutting speed is fast when cutting metals with small thickness , Especially when cutting ordinary carbon steel sheets, the speed can reach 5-6 times that of ordinary cutting machines, the cutting surface is smooth, the thermal deformation is small, and there is almost no heat-affected zone.

Plasma cutting machine, the available working gas (working gas is the conductive medium of the plasma arc, it is also the heat-carrying body, and at the same time the molten metal in the incision must be removed) has obvious effects on the cutting characteristics, cutting quality and speed of the plasma arc. influences. Commonly used plasma arc working gases are argon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, air, water vapor and some mixed gases.

Plasma cutting machines are widely used in automobiles, locomotives, pressure vessels, chemical machinery, nuclear industry, general machinery, engineering machinery, steel structures and other industries.

Obtaining plasma from water vapor is a safe, simple, effective, multi-functional and environmentally friendly method for thermal processing (cutting, welding, brazing, quenching, spraying, etc.) of metals with a thickness of 0.3mm or more.

Working Principle

Plasma is a gas that is heated to a very high temperature and is highly ionized. It transfers the arc power to the workpiece. The high heat causes the workpiece to melt and be blown off, forming the working state of plasma arc cutting.

After the compressed air enters the cutting torch, it is distributed by the gas chamber to form plasma gas and auxiliary gas. The plasma gas arc functions to melt the metal, while the auxiliary gas cools the various parts of the torch and blows off the molten metal.

The cutting power supply consists of two parts: the main circuit and the control circuit. The electrical principle: the main circuit includes a contactor, a three-phase power transformer with high leakage reactance, a three-phase bridge rectifier, a high-frequency arc ignition coil and a protection element. Caused by the high leakage reactance, the external power supply characteristics are steep. The control circuit completes the entire cutting process through the button switch on the cutting torch:

Pre-venting—main circuit power supply—high-frequency arc ignition—cutting process—removing arc—stop.

The power supply of the main circuit is controlled by the contactor; the gas flow is controlled by the solenoid valve; the control circuit controls the high-frequency oscillator to ignite the arc and stops the high-frequency operation after the arc is established.

In addition, the control circuit also has the following internal locking functions: the thermal switch operates and stops working.


Stairtfire Controller

Torch Height Control(THC) mode

Automatic High sensitive THC

Motor driver

Step motor

Plasma Source

LGK/ Hypertherm 63A/85A/100A/120A/160A/200A

X,Y axis transmission

Helical rack + square guild

Z axis transmission

Square guild+TBI ball screw


Tooth blade worktable

Cutting thickness


Move precision






Working voltage

380V 50HZ

1. The frame adopts a fully welded structure, which is firm and reasonable, simple to operate, and durable.

2. Fast cutting speed and high precision. The cutting opening is small, neat, and there is no slag drop phenomenon. On the basis of the traditional numerical control system, the control method for cutting is improved, and the secondary trimming processing is avoided.

3. Suitable for low-carbon steel, copper, iron, aluminum, galvanized, titanium and other metal plates.

4. The CNC system has a high configuration. Automatic arc ignition, stable performance, and the success rate of arc ignition is over 99%.

5. Support the standard G code path file generated by the software. The control system adopts U disk to exchange processing files, which is convenient and quick to operate.

Packing term.

1.the machine will be depart into few parts, the fiber power supply, distribution will be packed independently.

2.Machine body will be set on one standard export plywood board, and be fixed well,then surround by film,let every parts be fixed stability well.

3.Use plywood surround the machine, and fixed by metal line,let the machine be protect well.


Warranty term.

1.2 years’ warranty for the whole machine and fiber power supply.

2.Free training on our factory, you could arrange worker to our place study how to install,operate and maintain the machine.we also could arrange worker to your place offer training.

3.we offer free on line service, if have any problem or confusing when operate the machine, could contact me any time, we will offer scheme to resolve the problem.