Advantages of Fiber Laser Cutting Machines

As sheet metals are more popular in manufacturing industries, sheet metals processing has played an increasingly important part in the various metal business. Fiber laser machines can perfectly cater to this need, it can cut through thin materials at very high speeds.
Fiber laser cutting machines can easily and seamlessly adapt between industries for a huge range of applications. For businesses looking to invest in laser cutting or in need of laser cutting services, there are many advantages in turning to fiber laser cutting over the alternatives. Continue reading to learn more about the other benefits of these powerful machines.
Cutting Reflective Material
One of the major problems when using a traditional laser is in regards to reflective material. There is the chance a laser may bounce off the reflective material, which in turn will damage the equipment. With fiber optic lasers though, this reflective material problem is no longer an issue, which in turn allows for the cutting of these materials.
No Heat Damage to Objects
The laser that is emitted from a fiber laser cutting machine is incredibly powerful, which is why it can so easily cut through thick materials like steel. Yet, one of the great benefits of fiber lasers is that they can be so precise that the beam won’t cause any damage to the surrounding material of the object that they are working in. Many industries can benefits from this. Consider the electronics industry, where the beam needs to work at incredibly small sizes without damaging any of there components essential in having those electronic devices working correctly.
No Moving Parts
Moving parts lead to heightened maintenance and an increase in operating costs. As light pulses are sent through the fiber optic cabling, it does not require moving mirrors in order to generate the necessary laser. Other forms of lasers utilize a rapidly moving mirror in order to heighten the laser’s power. To extend the life of the mirror regular maintenance is needed. This causes a slow down in productivity. However, if regular maintenance is not performed, the chance of material damage increases, which not only takes the laser offline but it increases the cost to operate.
Superior Performance
You’ll also find that fiber lasers offer a superior performance over many of their counterparts. Fiber lasers provide a much higher level of beam quality which can be highly focused to achieve extremely accurate levels of precision, as well as increased power densities. This also means that tasks can be completed at a quicker rate and at a much lower power consumption rate.
Minimize material waste
Also, it’s important to consider that since laser cuts can be made incredibly close to one another without negatively impacting the sheet metal, complex cuts with superior edge quality can be accomplished with accurately on laser cutting equipment. They help to maximize yield and minimize material waste— closer cuts allow you to make more parts per square foot of sheet metal you use.