Precautions for operating the laser cutting machine

Safety is important for every operator. This is about life safety. This post mainly focuses on laser safety notice, laser cutting machine protective measures, common knowledge should be known by the operators. Hope it helps you.

A) Designate safety administrators to determine their terms of reference and conduct safety operation and safety education for laser processing operators.
B) Specify the laser safety management area, in the management area of the entrance to set up a warning card, including laser processing machine power, laser type, prohibit outsiders to enter, pay attention to protect the eyes and safety manager name.
C) The operator of the laser processing machine must be specially trained to a certain level, and to induct operation under the premise of the safety administrator’s agree.

Laser safety notice
Laser mainly harm the eyes and skin of the human body, laser iradiation can cause burns to any part of the body. Should avoid any part of the body placed in the light path of the laser equipment, so as not to cause damage caused by misuse.

Eye and skin protection
In laser processing, usually using CO2, YAG lasers, different types of lasers can cause different harm to the human body. YAG laser may damage the retina of the eye because the YAG laser wavelength has very high transmittance to human’s eyes, so are more harmful. C02 laser damage is mainly burned on the cornea of the eye. Both laser exposure may cause eye cataracts and the risk of burns to the skin. Therefore, in the adjustment of the laser, using the appropriate protective measures according to the different types of laser.

Fire prevention
Laser cutting often uses oxygen, coupled with the sparks splash when cutting, oxygen easily leads to the risk of fire. Therefore, the work area should not exist flammable and explosive materials and have the appropriate preventive facilities.

Common knowledge should be known by the operators
Laser cutting machine operators must be specially trained to reach a certain level and to induct operation under the security administrator’s agreed.
The operator of the laser cutting machine or the person close to the laser during the use of laser cutter, should wear appropriate laser goggles and wear protective clothing, in the area of wearing protective goggles, must have good indoor lighting to ensure the smooth operation of the operator.
In order to protect the operator, must have a processing room or protective screen. There should be safety devices to prevent the diffuser of the laser and protect the safety of the operators. When the door of the processing room opened, should close the laser shutter.