The working principle of CO2 laser cutting machine

The CO2 laser beam in the leather cutting machine is focused into a small spot so that the focal point achieves a high power density, quickly converting photon energy into heat to the degree of vaporization, forming holes. As the beam on the material moves, the hole produces a narrow cutting seam continuously. This cut seam is little affected by residual heat, so there is no workpiece deformation.

The size of the leather that is laser-cut is consistent and accurate, and the cut can be of any complex shape. Using computer graphic designs for patterns enables high efficiency and low cost. As a result of this combination of laser and computer technology, the user making the design on computer can achieve laser engraving output and change engraving at any time.

The leather industry is experiencing a technology change with specialized laser leather cutting machine breaking the low-speed, hard typesetting of traditional manual and electric shears, fully solving the problems of low efficiency and waste of material. By contrast, the laser cutting machine is high-speed and easy to operate, as it only involves entering the graphics and size to the computer. The machine will cut the entire material into the finished product without tools and molds. The use of laser cutting to achieve non-contact processing is simple and fast.

Leather shoe laser cutting machines can perfectly cut synthetic leather, polyurethane (PU) leather, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) artificial leather, leather wool, semi-finished products, and a variety of leather fabrics.

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