How to cut fur integrated material

Fur-integrated products:

Snow boots, gloves, coats, bed blankets, indoor warm shoes, and more.

So what is the best way to cut the fur-integrated material?

It is necessary to mention the automatic cutting machine with integrated blade for fur (Ao Lei). For this material, not only efficiency and precision are required in the cutting process, but also no damage to the hair, and the damage to the material should be minimized. The automatic blade cutting machine ( Ao radium) can well meet these needs.

Because it is cut by a blade, there will be no smoke and odor, and there will be no burnt edge or unpleasant smell on the fur;

Then there is the high-precision cutting, which can effectively avoid the damage of the fur;

Import data to cut directly, no more hard proofing, waste of time and cost;

The automatic discharge system can better maximize the utilization rate of materials. Of course, such expensive materials cannot be wasted.

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