Granulated fleece fabric vibrating knife automatic cutting machine, it is very simple to say goodbye to low-efficiency cutting!

Nowadays, for grain fleece cutting, numerical control equipment has gradually replaced manual cutting. Manual cutting is the cutting method we originally used, and the cutting efficiency, precision and quality are relatively low, and the cost is high.

The reason why the vibrating knife automatic cutting machine can be loved by many manufacturers is that on the one hand, its cutting efficiency is high, and one piece of equipment can replace 5 workers; on the one hand, the cutting precision is high, which can be controlled within 0.5mm; On the one hand, it has an intelligent automatic nesting system, which saves more than 10% of materials compared to manual labor, which greatly saves labor costs; on the other hand, it is more convenient and fast for small batch orders and special-shaped cutting; and the operation is simple, you can get started quickly, right Worker requirements are relatively low.

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