Related knowledge of sofa cutting machine

Sofa home textile cutting machine, different from traditional manual cutting, abandons manual pattern making, only needs the scanner to scan the paper pattern into an electronic pattern, or directly upload the pattern to the computer and store it in the computer, which can be used permanently without scanning again. , the overall efficiency is increased by more than 4 times.

At the same time, for personalized customization, the sofa home textile cutting machine is equipped with “one-click sofa lofting software”, which can realize 1-minute change of size, no need to re-print, and no need to change a single piece. The software groups the sofas into single-seat, triple-seat, and imperial concubine, select the group that needs to be changed, and enter the value to be changed, then the entire group can be changed, the whole process is intelligent, and there is no need for manual error correction.

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