How to do the moisture-proof protection of laser cutting machine

⑴ activated carbon moisture, dehumidification.

Activated carbon has many uses. It not only dehumidifies, but also purifies the air and removes odors. The main ingredients of dehumidification boxes sold in supermarkets are calcium fluoride and activated carbon. This is a good dehumidification product, but this dehumidification method is only suitable for small spaces, such as the control cabinet and electrical cabinet of the cutting machine, which can effectively absorb moisture and effectively remove odors. In wet weather, activated carbon is used to prevent moisture, which can reduce the environmental humidity in the control cabinet and electrical cabinet, and reduce the probability of equipment failure due to moisture.

(2) In fine weather, open the windows for ventilation.

When it is raining outside or the weather is cloudy, it is best not to open windows (especially south-facing windows) to block the hot and humid air from entering the house. When the weather is fine, you can selectively open windows (open other facing windows) for ventilation to reduce indoor humidity.

(3) Quick lime dehumidification.

According to the data, every 1 kg of quicklime can absorb about 0.3 kg of moisture in the air. Quicklime absorbs moisture very well. If the room is damp and the ground is condensed, the quicklime can also be put into cloth bags and placed at the corners of the workshop to achieve the effect of rapid dehumidification and drying.

⑷ Air conditioning dehumidification.

In humid weather, the effect of air conditioning dehumidification is also very significant. Turn on the air conditioner, adjust to the dehumidification function option, and then run the air conditioner normally. In this state, the air conditioner is equivalent to a dryer, which can reduce the indoor environmental humidity, effectively ensure that the indoor air humidity will not be too high, and is very conducive to the stability of the equipment. run.

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