What factors affect the operation of the servo motor of the laser cutting machine

  1. mechanical factor Mechanical problems are relatively common, mainly in design, transmission, installation, materials, mechanical wear and so on.
  2. mechanical resonance

The biggest impact of mechanical resonance on the servo system is that it cannot continue to improve the response of the servo motor, so that the entire device is in a relatively low response state.

  3. Mechanical jitter

  The essence of mechanical jitter is also the natural frequency of machinery, which usually occurs in single-ended fixed cantilever beam structures, especially in the acceleration and deceleration stage.

  4. Mechanical internal stress, external force and other factors

  Due to different mechanical materials and installations, the mechanical internal stress and static friction of each drive shaft on the equipment may be different.

  5. CNC system factors

   In some cases, the effect of servo debugging is not obvious, and it may be necessary to intervene in the adjustment of the control system.

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