What are the reasons for affecting the accuracy of laser cutting

  1. The size of the spot after the laser beam passes through the focus

The smaller the spot after the laser beam is concentrated, the higher the cutting accuracy, especially the smaller the slit, the smallest spot can reach 0.01mm.

  1. The positioning accuracy of the worktable determines the repeatability of the cutting

The higher the table precision, the higher the cutting precision.

  1. The larger the thickness of the workpiece, the lower the precision and the larger the kerf.

Since the laser beam is tapered, the slit is also tapered, and the stainless steel with a thickness of 0.3MM is much smaller than the slit of 2MM.

  1. The workpiece material has a certain influence on the laser cutting accuracy.

In the same case, stainless steel has higher cutting precision than aluminum, and the cut surface is smoother.

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