Processing characteristics of large laser cutting equipment

Processing features of large laser cutting equipment:

  1. It is a machine that integrates laser cutting technology, numerical control technology and precision machinery technology. It adopts advanced technology to bring better product processing. In terms of efficiency and quality, few products can surpass it;
  2. Because the processing method is more flexible, it can cut different types of profiles, and the surface of the material will not be damaged when cutting, so there is little mechanical deformation, which is more in line with the needs of today’s sheet metal workpieces;
  3. The cutting thickness of large-scale laser cutting equipment is higher. For example, the upper limit of the cutting thickness of a small power laser cutting machine may be 20mm, while the upper limit of the cutting thickness of a large high-power laser cutting machine is more than 50mm. This is also the main reason for the difference between the two application industries.

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