Importance of Servo Motors in Laser Cutting Machines

For the laser cutting machine, whether it is flat cutting or pipe cutting, if the equipment is to be processed according to the established graphics, the key lies in the dynamic responsiveness of each axis involved in the processing and the cooperation between each other. If during the machining process, the overall response of each axis is too slow, or the deviation of one axis is small and the deviation of the other axis is large in some positions, the problem of deformation of the machining contour will occur. There are many reasons for this kind of deviation inconsistency, such as mechanical, external force, servo responsiveness, control system and other factors, or the superposition of multiple factors. Therefore, the key to solving such problems is that each axis has better dynamic response and coordination with each other, so that it can carry out processing actions strictly according to the established target.

As an intermediate actuator that undertakes the mechanical and control system, the servo motor can make up, optimize and coordinate the actions of each system to a certain extent, so as to achieve a more perfect control purpose.

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