The benefits of laser cutting machine

The fabric is woven one by one. If it is cut in other ways, it is easy to form loose edges. However, if it is cut by laser, it is cut with thermal energy, and there will be no problem of loose edges. The lines are glued together, and the light spot of the beam is relatively thin, it is only about 0.3 mm, it is a CNC cutting equipment, which can cut various complex graphics, such as some relatively small graphics, other equipment, is This kind of graphics cannot be cut, and the laser is a kind of equipment that can be cut at any time.

It is also very convenient to operate. Like some materials when making templates, the laser can arbitrarily cut the graphics you want to cut. , The curves can be cut quickly and continuously, and the man-machine interface is friendly. In the case of being completely separated from the computer, the user can select the file on the engraving machine. The laser power output is consistent at each position on the work surface, not limited to the cutting pattern limit, and automatic typesetting saves Material, laser cutting machine is a non-contact mechanic method, the damage to the material is almost zero, and the cutting surface is smooth and smooth, which saves processing time. Therefore, in the fabric cutting industry, laser cutting machine is a very good cutting equipment.

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