If the weather is bad, please keep this laser cutting equipment maintenance guide!

Rainstorm prevention measures

  1. Add the safety protection device and power-off protection device of the laser cutting machine;
  2. The laser cutting machine should be regularly maintained and maintained to maintain a good operating state;
  3. Frequent safety inspection and debugging to eliminate the unsafe factors of laser cutting machine;
  4. Pay attention to the weather forecast at any time, arrange the production plan reasonably, and do a good job in advance prevention;
  5. When the rainstorm hits, the doors and windows should be closed. During heavy thunderstorms or especially heavy rainstorms, if the production workshop does not have good lightning protection measures, it is not appropriate to use the laser cutting machine;
  6. Check whether there is rain leakage in the workshop, and regularly check the place where the fiber laser cutting machine equipment is placed; check whether there is water on the ground, so as to avoid water soaking the equipment and causing unnecessary losses.

Lightning protection measures

  1. The equipment must have a good grounding to lead the lightning current into the ground;
  2. If the back of the main current control box is iron, it is necessary to add an insulating plate on the back of the control box;
  3. Increase lightning protection devices or erect lightning protection lines.

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