1390 1325 Mixed laser cutting machine

For some advertising industry, mold industry and handicraft processing industry, not only non-metal cutting is required, but also some metal materials are also required to cut. In this case, we often need a mixed laser cutting machine. Mixed laser cutting machine is called mixed laser cutting machine for metal and nonmetal. Its biggest feature is that it can cut both metals and non-metals. The metal materials that can be cut by the mixed laser cutting machine include stainless steel, iron plate, galvanized sheet, titanium plate, etc., and the non-metallic materials that can be cut include acrylic, density board, wood, sponge, cloth, cardboard, etc., and its application fields are very wide. Today we will introduce an economical mixed laser cutting machine
Machine configuration and features:
1. Working size: 1300*2500mm;
2. Ruida 6332M control system with LCD panel, more convenient operation; USB offline, the controller has better resistance to high voltage and antistatic ability;
3. RECI W6 150W laser tube, Compared with the laser tube of the same level, it has high efficiency and stable quality. Long Lifetime up to 10,000 hours; the laser power of the commonly used laser mixed cutting machine is mainly 150 watts, 180 watts, 260 watts, 350 watts, 400 watts, etc. The greater the power, the thicker the cutting thickness and the faster the cutting speed!
4. Taiwan Shangyin high-precision square rail, with stronger carrying capacity;
5. Singapore imported 1*focus lens and 3*reflect mirrors;
6. The laser head with red dot, can show you where the laser beam is when working. The metal laser head with ball screw and motor transmission, with auto focus function.When the laser hybrid cutting machine is cutting metal, the laser head is the selected follow-up laser head, so during the cutting process, the laser head can automatically adjust up and down as the plate to be cut fluctuates. In this way, the distance between the focusing lens and the metal sheet to be cut can be ensured to maintain a constant focal length.
7. MC machine is equipped with exhaust fan to reduce smoke and dust during cutting and avoid indoor pollution.
This mixed laser cutting machine for metal and nonmetal can be widely used in the cutting of non-metal materials and metal plates, with smooth cutting edges, no burrs, fast processing speed, high precision and high efficiency. Suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises in the mass production, but also suitable for small enterprises and individual processing.Operational speed, laser energy real-timeadjustable, and very easy to operate.